Saturday, June 16, 2012

Waiting is sometimes very hard

Most of my coworkers have new jobs now; or at least have had promising interviews.  I've applied for several positions, but have heard nothing.  I'm doing my best to trust in the Lord; knowing that He always provides - but the waiting is hard.  I am, however, joined in my waiting.  Rose is doing the same thing in Yellowknife - she's applied for a number of jobs, and really needs a job, and hasn't heard anything.  Bram's waiting to hear that he's been accepted at SIAST.  He phoned Friday, to find out that they haven't received his transcripts, so we're having them all resent.

Ruth was over bright and early this morning to make salads - she came in the door at 5:40 am, and we were finished making salads by 7:00 am.  She had a morning workshop to attend that started by 8.  By that time, I was back in bed, rejoicing that it was Saturday.  She had made Greek salad Friday at noon, and brought it to a function she had Friday night.  She had stopped by on her way home from that function, and we made cauliflower salad last night.  This morning we made marinated vegetables (it made 16 cups worth!), sweet potato and black bean salad, and bean salad.  We hadn't planned on making bean salad, but opened a can of what we thought was baby corn, to discover that if we had read the label we would have discovered it was yellow beans - and we had all the other ingredients, so we just made bean salad.

It's been a little trying this week, cooking.  My oven has decided not to work and so has my microwave.  I have purchased a new microwave but it's not installed yet, so I can't use it.  This means that I can use my stovetop, my slow cooker and rice cooker.  We did the sweet potatoes in the slow cooker - and they did very well.  I'll have to remember that.  We normally do them in the oven.

We had awards day at school on Thursday, followed by a barbecue.  Bram shared the math award for Grade 12 - which was kind of funny because he didn't take any math classes this year; but the math teacher wanted to acknowledge him and his work - and he had taken Calculus last year in Grade 11.  The weather was kind of chancy for the barbecue; it would just pour and then clear up and there'd be no rain, followed by a light sprinkle, followed by another downpour.  We cooked hotdogs under the eaves of the school by the entrance and people either stayed inside or in the gazebo when it rained - dashing outside for the condiments, which were set on a table on the pathway.  A couple of the boys from my class brought my barbecue over to cook on, and then I had a couple other boys from the same class bring it back to my house.  I now owe them Iced Cappuchinos from Tim's, but they were working on the road in front of my house yesterday and I couldn't drive out of my driveway to get them - so Monday I guess.

I've had a pretty quiet week this week.  I haven't been able to work out in the mornings with Ruth (and while I can't say I missed the workouts, I did enjoy staying in bed the extra time in the morning).  I hope to be feeling much better this coming week and back to my regular routine.

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