Sunday, June 24, 2012

Continuing the Countdown

I went to work yesterday even though it was Saturday.  There's still a lot to be done, moving furniture together so that it (hopefully) can be sold, cleaning out all the nooks and crannies of the accumulation of years, pricing items, etc.  The biggest job, packing the library, has barely been started.  People were working again this afternoon but I felt like I needed a day off, so I didn't go help.  I'll be back at it tomorrow.

The staff has had first crack at any items to be sold.  We've been bidding on things by sealed bid.  One of the items I bid on (and got) was a cabinet unit, originally from Ikea.  I carefully measured the spot in my kitchen that formerly held my old fridge and was too small for my new fridge.  It looked to me like it would exactly fit the cabinet.  Well, it almost exactly fits - the space is 33" wide (more or less).  The cabinet is also 33" wide (more or less).  In actuality - the space varies from 32 1/2" at the top to about 33 3/4" at the bottom.  The cabinet varies from about 33 3/8" at the top to 32 3/4" at the bottom.  What it means is that the space is too small.  I'm determined the cabinet will fit there - it may mean that we have to shave off some of the broom closet beside the hole or the end wall one the other side.  For now the cabinet is sitting in my living room.

All of the last things that come with the school closing are bitter-sweet.  The last staff meeting was Thursday. We had the last worship service with the students this morning, followed by the last Sonshine performance.  Students are writing their last exams this week.  Thursday will be the last graduation service.  It is hard on us all.

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