Thursday, June 21, 2012

Almost done?

Today is the final day for classes at Western.  Exams start tomorrow.  We have just started boxing up books in the library.  There is still a lot to be done - an awful lot to be done.  In fact, you're invited to come and help.  Staff and other helpers will be busy all weekend, getting things packed (for the library) and sorted and set out for a sale (for the rest of the school stuff).  The students in my classes aren't writing a final, just an end of unit test - the last one wrote it yesterday.  I just need to get it marked and the marks entered now.

As part of the winding down activities, I hosted the final get together for the Friendspeak group that met at school weekly.  It was difficult getting a day that worked, and as it was, only two of our readers came - but it was good to visit a bit for a last time.  It wasn't much work; I got up and tidied house yesterday morning before school, ran out at lunch and bought groceries, and when people came after school, offered them the opportunity to make nachos.  To me at least, "party" when teens are involved simply means an opportunity to eat.  It seems to work ok.

Wednesdays, I also host my extended family in town for supper.  So, seeing as we were having nachos for the party after school, we were also having nachos for supper.  I haven't been able to train them that I really need to know (preferably in advance) if people are coming though.  Last week I had 10 or so - this week I had Ruth and baby Jane, although Ryan and Rachel stopped by to pick up a plate of food before they left to take Emmet to the doctor.  (Rachel also phoned to let me know what was going on - thank you, Rachel).

Last night as Ruth, Bram and I were visiting, it started to hail!  It was pretty small hail, about the size of cranberries, but there was a lot of it.  I'll post a picture later, when I get them off Bram's computer.

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