Saturday, June 9, 2012

Saturday - Salads and Casseroles

Ruth and I got started bright and early this morning; we had to wait for the grocery store to open at 7 am; but that gave us time to make up a list of what we were going to cook, and to make up a shopping list.  So far this morning we've made:
              Greek Salad
              Lentil Rice Salad
              Coleslaw Forever
              Hummus (from scratch)

We're still planning to get casseroles ready for next week and for tomorrow.  We're planning to make cabbage rolls, perogy casserole (for tomorrow), and chili, and two desserts (one made with wheat berries and we're trying a diabetic dessert as well.  (Which reminds me, I need to put the beans on to cook.)  Right now we're taking a quick break so I can read Ruth a short story, before we go back at it again.

OK, I didn't get it published, so I'll update.  We also made the cabbage rolls (I'll make the perogy casserole tomorrow morning in the slow cooker) and the wheat berry dessert.  It's excellent!  The beans are almost cooked for the chili and we ran out and bought me a new over the range microwave because mine died this past week.  I can't live very long without a microwave - I find it one of the essential kitchen tools.  I spent $20 extra to get it stainless steel, to match my fridge and freezer, but didn't purchase the extended warranty for it.  All in all, it's been a very productive day and it's only 2:30.

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