Thursday, March 21, 2013

Who is he, really?

Bram needs to have a criminal record's check for his summer coop placement.  They gave him a one-day extension, but he's supposed to have it in to them by Friday at the latest.  In order to have a criminal record's check, he has to produce two pieces of government-issued ID, one of which shows a Saskatchewan address.  Here-in lies a problem.  For ID he has:

  • A Saskatchewan Health Card (is government issued, shows signature, doesn't show address)
  • A NWT driver's licence (won't work for anything because he's lived here longer than one year)
  • a NWT birth certificate (unfortunately it's in Yellowknife and they'll have to courier it down here)
  • A passport (if he could find it, it would solve all of his problems - can't find it here or in YK)
  • A SIAST student card (which is government-issued ID but they won't accept it; it's not on their list of acceptable ID).
He can get a Saskatchewan ID card, but it takes two weeks (too long); and only if he has a birth certificate (coming down by courier) and two other pieces of ID (the health card will count as one - he can use a T4 for the other, I hope).  However there's still the two-week waiting period problem.

We'll try again tomorrow.  This might be a little frustrating.

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