Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I'm baaack

It's time.  I have promised myself to start blogging again.  I've really missed it.  I've also promised myself to get to it and to stop procrastinating and get my taxes done.  Now some people may think... that's funny - I thought taxes were supposed to be done by April 30?  Well, actually Revenue Canada gave us an extension this year - to May 5 or something.  It may just possibly be past May 5 - but - I'm getting it done!

Paperwork out and sorted, check.
Numbers entered into the program, check.
Searched for additional numbers and amounts to enter, check.
Receipts found and entered, check.
Am I done?  Nope - but I'm close.  I just needed a break before going back at it again.
My goal is to be done tonight.  I may not be able to achieve that goal because I need Rose's tuition amounts that she transfers to me; and she hasn't done her taxes yet either.  (I may need to do her taxes before I can finish my taxes - she may need to find her T4's for me to do her taxes.)

Ah well, I'm getting close though.

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Nancy said...

You can do it. The hard part is mostly over.