Saturday, June 14, 2014


Bram got his driver's license yesterday.  A big transition.  He also mentioned that for his last coop placement, the only job he was offered was in Camrose.  Now, technically he's not living at home anymore anyway. Hasn't been since December.  January through April he lived in Saskatoon with Robb and Di.  Then when he moved back, he wasn't able to find anyone to commute to Moose Jaw with so rented a place in Moose Jaw and commutes home weekends.  But all the same... this time it feels like he's really leaving home.  Out of province.  Talking about buying a car.  Arranging things by himself.  I guess this is one of the more major transitions.

I'm starting a new job on Monday.  Another transition.  I always thought that once I found a job I liked, I'd stick at it for awhile.  Never done that.  In Yellowknife I subbed for 8+ years, while my kids were young.  That's almost like a different job everyday.  Then when I got on at Aurora College, I had 3 years at one position and one at another.  Not very stable there.  Then I moved to Regina for a permanent position, only to discover after 4 years that it wasn't anymore.  Things happen.  I've now been working for a year for Ruth, and while I've enjoyed it, I've really missed teaching.  I was offered a teaching position, and accepted it.

I need to finish this blog posting.  Ruth and I spend Saturday mornings going to estate sales- trying to only buy things we absolutely need. The company that runs them is named Transitions. I'm a sucker for really nice linens though, and Ruth's a sucker for art.  Last week I bought myself some new dishes.  I've packed up the old ones to give away and I smile whenever I look in my cupboard now.  Ruth bought a print - a very nice print..

Three different kinds of transitions. On to new things!

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