Sunday, May 3, 2015


It's a routine that I know from my childhood.  There are people coming over, get things tidied up.  Start at one room; sweep the floor, pick up the clutter, put things away.  Move to the next room.

I'm planning "the crowd" for Sunday dinner today.  That means whoever we can invite - likely somewhere between 20 and 30 people.  There will be kids and adults spread throughout the house.  My boarder, who's shy about such things, will hide in his room.  I'm planning on making kid-friendly food - chili dogs, coleslaw, mixed green salad, hash brown patties, juice, dessert. I made two batches of chili; one batch is regular Canadian strength; the other has the judicious application of hot sauce.

So, I'm nearly ready.   Dishes are done; dishwasher is running.   I've got the clean tablecloth on the table; paper plates and cups are set out.  The chili and hot dogs are in the 3-pot slow cooker, with the buns beside.  The coleslaw's in the fridge; cake's in the oven.  The hash browns will be heated in the oven and green salad will be mixed together when I get home from service.  I have checked the ingredients on everything for people with allergies (and need to run past the grocery store for more juice and plastic cups on my way to church).  Ice cream is in the outside freezer, the dairy-free topping for those who can't do ice cream is in the fridge.  I still need to carry the garbage out.

In a way, the straightening up, tidying up is a form of prayer.  May the Lord bless you as I practice hospitality.  Bless you as I prepare for your visit.

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