Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Well, Lloyd went to the fracture clinic Tuesday. They x-rayed him and told him his foot isn't healed enough to remove the cast. Apparently the medication he's on for a toenail fungus is an antagonist to calcium absorption. So he's supposed to drink lots of milk, take a Vitamin D supplement, and come back May 6 (in 3 weeks). That's 9 weeks after he first broke his foot. Hopefully by then it will be totally healed.

After a week of warm weather (above freezing anyway), we're back to below 0 most days. But there's still lots of sunlight, and we're thankful.

Last night Lloyd and I went to a concert to promote literacy. Musicians included: Murray McLaughlin, Connie Kaldor, Ian Thomas, Mike Stevens, etc. The concert was supposed to be from 7 to 9 pm but we didn't leave until 10:20. Murray McLaughlin and Ian Thomas were having so much fun with each other and with us that things just went on longer. We had a hoot! I laughed so hard I was crying. Definitely worth the admission, especially since it supports literacy as well. I was fortunate that I was in a classroom yesterday morning with Murray McLaughlin and Ian Thomas performing. A much smaller, more intimate setting. Also very good.

I sewed myself an outfit this weekend. I haven't sewn for myself for quite some time. It's good to get back to doing something I enjoy.

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