Monday, April 14, 2008

My latest update

Well, it's been much more spring-like here. The ice road closed to light traffic Thursday and was supposed to heavy traffic today. So we'll be cut off by road to outside world for about a month now. It has been snowing all morning and the roads and lawns are all white again, but we had a full week of temperatures above freezing. We got brave and cleaned up all the dog deposits off of our lawn and took it to the sewage dump area last week. Nasty, but necessary. The annual lake that forms at the end of our driveway is back.

I went to Homecoming the weekend before last. It was good, but too short. I arrived Friday night really late (around 11 pm). I had to fly out Sunday morning at 6:30 am, as that's when flights leave Regina on Sunday and I needed to be back at school for Monday (mid-term reporting period.) So I had a very short visit with my former classmates from as far away as Scotland and Texas, as well as a good visit with Rose and her principal and my sister Ruth and family. I also got to hold Diane's new baby, which was a plus. The highlight of the weekend for me was singing with the rest of the Alumni. Really enjoyed that, but boy, Dwight picked songs with lots of high soprano required; and while I may be a soprano, they didn't all have to require F's or G's or even A's, did they?

Rose got back from Chorus Tour last night, but we haven't talked with her yet to find out how things were. I remember really enjoying Chorus Tour.

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