Thursday, April 24, 2008

How's it going?

How's homeschooling going you ask? (Actually, I've had several people ask.) It would likely work better if I was home more, but it's going pretty well. I usually get Bram started in the morning, then go off to teach, leaving him with an assignment to do. Sometimes it even gets done while I'm gone. When I get home in the afternoon, we get back to work again, until I have to go teach again, leaving him with an assignment. Sometimes it even gets done while I'm gone. (Recognize a theme here?) Our goal is to get three assignments done a day. It hasn't happened the last two days because the latest Social Studies assignment has been a real bear. However, he's almost done an English assignment this morning, and his next math assignment isn't too hard, so he'll likely get three done today (this means that I'll want to push for four to make up for the ones missed yesterday and the day before). We will get through this - and it's mostly fun.

I have to say that Bram and I have developed a great relationship with each other as he sits working at the computer with me beside him, helping out, encouraging, etc. It's really hard to do a whole lot of other things at the same time though - like lesson planning, marking, housework, etc. (All the teacher-type things that I need to do for my job, or the mommy-type things that I need to do at home - dishes, laundry, meals, etc.) I do generally get my 45 min to hour's piano practice in each day, but that's primarily because I've got this exam looming over me. I'm supposed to take my Grade 6 piano practical exam on June 26. I supposed to be ready to take my Grade 6 piano practical exam before June 26.

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