Saturday, May 3, 2008

New Toy

Lloyd had a contract building a new database, and he hired Bram to do some of the work for him. Bram therefore decided to spend some money on a kayak. Lloyd bought the paddle and skirt for him. What you can't really tell from the photo is that the water is only about 6 inches deep because the ice is just under the surface. It was fun trying it out though.

The weather has been beautiful lately. Spring has finally sprung. We spent most of the morning indoors because it was graduation at Aurora College where I work and we all went. I went as a staff member, and Lloyd and Bram went to cheer and congratulate a couple of friends.
Sadly we had one bike and three people. What would you do? Bram spent a couple hours paddling around Range Lake. Lloyd and I tried it but we can't go as far because the ice is just under the surface. When Bram first bought the kayak he and Lloyd cut down an old dolly and made the kayak trailer. They added foam padding and tie down straps. Now Bram can pull it behind his bike or ours. :)

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