Monday, November 10, 2008


It has always seemed amazing to me that something that can be totally earthshattering to me, doesn't make the news. Perhaps that's a good thing; I'm just as happy without having to read about myself in the tabloids (Britney and Paris are welcome to that type of publicity) and it does help me to realize that I'm not the centre of the universe. The really big, important news (like: Joyce and Tony had a girl today - Gloria Jade - mama and baby are both doing fine) seems to be transmitted at high speed.

What's new around here? We had freezing rain this morning, and it's slippery enough that I had to be careful walking to work and I decided not to drive anywhere today. The weather is still incredibly mild, it's only -4 right now. (Yeah, I know, the 20 years in Yellowknife is showing here - but it's only -7 there!) The students had no school today, but the staff had an inservice day. We all have tomorrow off though, for Remembrance Day.

Lord willing, I'll be taking a vanload of students to Winkler, Manitoba on Friday for a Bible Quiz meet. It'll be the first time I've left Regina since I arrived on August 9. (After putting about 9,000 km on the van this summer, I just had no desire to drive anywhere; go figure.)

All in all; the Lord continues to bless, and life is good.

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