Friday, November 7, 2008


I was privileged to attend a banquet last night - The Fourteenth Annual 2008 First Nations Awards. My youngest sister, Glenda, had been nominated in the Medicine and Health Category. We had a lovely meal (we should have; the banquet ticket prices were incredible!), a great visit, enjoyed the entertainment very much (there was a special performance by Shane Yellowbird) and to top it all off, Glenda won!

I'm so proud of her! She's a dentist in Saskatoon, and is currently trying to set up a practice at her home band; the Flying Dust First Nation, near Meadow Lake. Glenda had been nominated last year as well, and didn't win then; however, she's grateful because last year the winners had to make speeches and this year they just had to walk across stage to accept their award. She was given a beautiful eagle statue.

I don't have a camera, but Glenda had her phone with her and took some pictures, so when she e-mails me some, I'll add them to the blog.

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Jenn said...

Hi, I am the editor of the Meadow Lake Progress, and I received notification of your blog entry in my email because it mentioned Meadow Lake. I wonder if you could email me information about your sister Glenda, as it sounds like a possible story idea for our paper. Send it to We always like to hear of local people winning awards. Thanks!

Jennifer Blake
Meadow Lake Progress