Sunday, October 26, 2008

What a good day!

It is Sunday. Sort of a double plus to start with. Then, Ruth and I taught Sunday school this morning. We only do that once a month; when it's a combined Sunday school with all of the age groups up to but not including teens. We usually combine Sunday school with the Anglican kids, who have their service at the same time but once a month meet in the evening. So once a month we do something totally different with our kids, so that the lessons stay in step, so to speak, with the Anglican kids. So Ruth and I get to do whatever we want; once a month. This Sunday we chose to tell the story of manna and quail. This is actually a story about being thankful and not complaining. (A very important concept, as far as I'm concerned). We had just over 10 kids - all but two of them were preschoolers. We told the story, with actions and song (very important) then we made quail from paper plates for a craft. Finally we had snack... manna and quail of course (rice krispies and chicken fingers). It all went over very well. I had made playdough and had colouring pictures as well, but didn't need them.

Then, for lunch we went out to Classic Buffet (Walter P bought). It's the Hinnergardt's anniversary this coming week. They were married 19 years ago. (Lloyd and I were also married 19 years ago, but in November). We all ate a lot, but more importantly, had a really good visit with everyone there.

Before service this morning, I baked cookies, and I'm really pleased with them too. I tried a new recipe, and this one's a keeper. I was wanting a recipe for cookies that I could slice and bake after I had frozen the dough. I remember my Grandmother Orr doing this, whenever she had guests show up; but of course, G'ma Orr made oatmeal cookies and I'm not going there. However, these are very nice cookies. The recipe is from; it makes a really large batch, and doesn't contain eggs. All good things. (I doubled the ginger from the recipe and used blackstrap molasses instead of light molasses, because I really like the molasses flavour). It's called Slice and Bake Ginger Cookies.

This evening I'll help with Bible Quizzing practice. I also really enjoy that. Sometime today I'm going to fit in piano practice, my regular letter writing and marking (the essentials of life). Life is good.

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