Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Still challenged

To be honest, I did try to use the time bake feature on my oven on Sunday - with the owner's manual in hand - and it still didn't start and stop when I wanted to. I'll have to try again, because I refuse to be bested by an inanimate object. (TV's, VCR's and DVD players are another matter altogether - I refuse to be bested by an inanimate object that I need to use. I have none of the above three items and I don't need them, so they're free to best me.)

I'm still being challenged by my dominant seventh chords as well. I have a new fingering pattern to try: 3 4 3 4 - and I'm to say the correct fingering before I try the chord. This is going to be the week I get it! I need to be able to move on to other challenges; such as diminished seventh chords.

I have conquered some challenges however; my rhythm exercises have been going well; I've been able to do some cataloguing in the library (the hard way, the internet still isn't working for me to do copy cataloguing and Paul, our resident tecchie, is on vacation) and I'm back to working out regularly after nearly two full weeks off due to illness and having to get other essentials done.

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