Monday, October 6, 2008

It's Monday!

I know a lot of people dread Mondays, but I have always enjoyed them. I like the start of the week where (theoretically at least) things start new again, where I'm not behind on things, and I can begin with energy. Maybe it's because I'm a morning person. By Friday I tend to be exhausted. This past Friday was particularly bad because I was fighting a losing battle with a cold. I left work early and went home and slept the entire evening (as I had the day before).

I went shopping yesterday (at Sears Clearance Centre) and bought myself two outfits. One's "dress-up clothes" and I have to put in a new hem (about four inches shorter) before I can wear it. I'm wearing the other outfit, a turquoise suit, this morning. The sleeves were a little long on it, but it's a type of polyester peachskin that doesn't fray, so I just trimmed them with scissors. The sleeves and bottom of the jacket both a very pretty have laser cut pattern of holes making a lacy pattern and then the sleeves had a scalloped edge. The lacy pattern is now just a little shorter on the sleeves, but I reproduced the scalloped edge with my scissors. I will admit it was a little scary taking scissors to my brand new suit though.

One of the things I help with at school is the Bible Quiz group. They had a local meet this past Saturday and did quite well. Although they didn't make the finals, they won one match and came in second in their other three matches. (There are always three teams competing at the same time.) It was very interesting to see how the meet was run too. The next meet will be in Winkler, Manitoba in November. The students are learning (memorizing large portions of) the book of Luke this year. This past meet was only on the first three chapters (not including the geneology), and the questions were really tough. I was impressed by the knowledge of all the competitors. Sunday evening we always have a practice session, so we were able to talk about what went well on Saturday, review which verses they had memorized, and practice quizzing a little bit. I'm really enjoying the whole thing.

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