Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Staying humble

Well I was feeling pretty good when I started my piano lesson yesterday. Although I had been sick the previous week and hadn't gotten in as much practice as I would have liked to, I had worked on the areas that had previously defeated me and had them fairly solid. However, Lore had me start with my dominant sevenths in B and D flat. Guess what? I'm still struggling with my dom 7ths, especially in those black note keys. (I'm thinking I should be working on my diminished 7ths as well, as I'm betting that the holiday on the minor keys won't last forever.) It's good to know there's always so much more to learn.

The days before Lectureship and Thanksgiving are speeding by. Rose and Bram will arrive, Lord willing, Thursday night - on two different flights. I'm really looking forward to seeing them.

The weather has changed fairly abruptly from sunshine and unseasonably warm weather to cloud, wind, rain and coolness. I had to scrape my window for the first time to drive to piano lessons Tuesday. I am still enjoying the change of seasons though.

My card arrived in the mail yesterday for my extended medical benefits as a STF member. I promptly went to the closest medical clinic and got a prescription for an Epipen. Then I got the prescription filled. I had lost my previous one in the move south and had been doing without. With the extended medical, it cost me $10; otherwise it would have been $110. Now, hopefully I'll never have to use it.

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