Monday, May 18, 2009

Long Weekend

Rose is sleeping on my couch. I'll wake her up in a bit, but let her sleep a while longer. My TO DO list today includes:
  • mowing the lawn (something I've never done - I always either had brothers, a husband or a son to do that.) However, there's a first time for everything.
  • finish transplanting my tomatoes. Rose and I did most of them Saturday but I needed to buy another planter - which I picked up yesterday.
  • work some more on my theory (lesson tomorrow).

Rose and I may decide to go to Moose Jaw to the spa today as well. We'll see.

I had an exciting time on Friday. I was walking across Fourth Avenue on the way to work. A car had stopped to let me cross and I was doing the little thank you wave to the driver when she was rear ended by the car behind, who hadn't noticed that she had stopped. Apparently she had been reaching for her cell phone in her purse on the floor. The front car just missed me by inches and that driver passed out for a few seconds. The back car wasn't drivable. I stopped shaking by noon.

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