Wednesday, May 6, 2009


A lot has happened in the past week. My wonderful sister-in-law arranged a mortgage for me, and it looks like I've got my downpayment arranged as well; thanks to the generosity of my family. We've had an opportunity to see all of the suites, and we'll see the garage tonight. It feels like I've been busy all day at work, and then things to arrange every evening in order to purchase this property. I'm still amazed at how the Lord has had everything work out so smoothly.

Quizzing went very well over the weekend. Our team ended up sixth on the A consolation side - which is pretty good. Thomas and Alex also got their Club 145 awards. This meant that they had memorized all 145 "key verses" in the book of Luke. I copied out the references for each verse on slips of paper (ie. 1:37), they drew 15 of them out of a hat and quoted them. For five of the 15 verses, they had to know them just from the reference, but for the remainder they could "finish the verse", where I gave them the first few words. It's quite an amazing feat!

This week is the final week of this six-week grading period, so I'm also busy marking so I can have marks in tomorrow. Because I'm a really great procrastinator, I have more to do now than I should have if I had been doing a little every day. However, it will all get done.

Because I've been unable to practice piano due to my repetitive strain injury, I've started working on theory. (I have to say that learning theory isn't very exciting; important, maybe, but exciting - no!). I was working on Grade 3 theory, but when my teacher saw how much I had done, she said that I could likely write my Grade 4 exam in August if I work hard at it. There are only 4 grades of theory - so I'd be done with it then. I'd just have harmony, history and pedagogy to do after that. It'll be very nice to be that much further along towards my goal.

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