Thursday, April 30, 2009

Busy Day

It's been an extra-busy day - the first of several I think.
I went to work at the regular time, shortly after 8; which meant that I'd been doing my regular bustle about the house since sometime between 6 and 7. Went home for lunch at noon; taught my afternoon classes, as usual.

At 4 pm I came home and made supper. I had the Steiners invited for supper, as I hadn't had them over for a while. Had a very nice visit. They had to eat and leave early as Daryl had a regular Bible study on Thursday nights. However, while they were there, I got a call from my realtor saying that my final offer on the four-plex had been accepted. I phoned a few people before I ran out the door a little before seven to go to quizzing practice.

Normally, we only have quizzing practice on Sunday nights, but this weekend is the final tournament, and we all agreed we needed to practice some more. Things went much better at the practice than they had earlier this week, so that was good. Finished shortly after 9.

Walked home, met my realtor who had been waiting outside my apartment for me so that I could sign the amended agreement to purchase. (Their amendments were very minor things).

Then, I loaded the dishwasher (hadn't had time after supper), tidied the kitchen and dashed out to the grocery store (God bless stores open past 9 pm) because I've got people billeted with me for the quiz tournament and have to be able to feed them.

So this weekend will be the final quiz tournament for the year; hosted at Western. I'll likely be busy with that before school lets out. It will run Friday night, all day Saturday (usually from about 8 am to 10 pm) and then most of the day Sunday. In the midst of all that, I'm hopeful that I'll be able to get word about a time to view the rest of the fourplex, as I've only seen one suite. Busy is good, right?

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