Saturday, April 4, 2009

Looking ahead; looking back

It is Homecoming at Western this weekend. Now, last year was my honoured year and I was a little disgruntled because I couldn't fly in until Saturday morning, so I missed visiting Friday night and I had to leave Sunday morning in order to get back to teach on Monday. This year I live across the street from school, so I have registered, but it's not really my class. (It is my honoured year for college, and of course Western was such a community that I do know everyone).

It's also a little awkward. I had one person ask me, so are you still in Saskatoon? My response was that I'd lived the past 20 years in Yellowknife but was now living in Regina and working at the school. I know that it'll come up, well what is my husband doing. He's still in Yellowknife; we're separated; he's involved with another woman.

There's only three days of school next week. We have professional development on Thursday and it's Good Friday the next day - followed by the week off. Monday won't be much of a school day either as the funeral will be at the school Monday morning and I expect that most of the student body (and staff) will be attending. We will have to have classes (or another option) for those that don't want to attend; and I expect that even after the funeral the students won't be able to attend to much or do much. It's a good day to have a work period. That only leaves two teaching days next week. I can handle that too, except that I'd really like to be able to teach more. It'll have to wait I guess.

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