Wednesday, April 15, 2009

One week later

Rose has been on Easter break for a full week now. I actually had inservice last Thursday, so I've had a little less than a week. What have we done with our time?
  • Done lots of laundry
  • Gone on a trip (with the Vance's) to Great Falls, Montana for a youth rally. (It was fun).
  • Got the oil changed on my van (which took three trips to Walmart; seeing as they really don't believe in customer service).
  • Made at least four trips to various bookstores (at Rose's instigation).
  • Read several books (I'm trying to read books that are recommended for the Gr. 9 curriculum so that I know what I want to teach with next year).
  • Tidied up (it's amazing how much more clutter is added by one more person in the apartment).
  • Bought groceries.
  • Practiced piano and had a piano lesson.
  • Currently I'm helping Joe with homework.

What do I still want to do?

  • Quilt and bind a quilt for the Friesen's new baby.
  • Finish the binding on another quilt.
  • Read some more books.
  • Do some more laundry.

Doesn't it sound like a really exciting life?

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