Sunday, May 31, 2009

Oh yeah

I almost forgot. Rose and I were taking tickets for the musical on Friday night and visited just a few minutes with Aunt Louise. Rose was telling her that she was 18 now, so was an adult, and Aunt Louise assured her that she wasn't truly an adult until she took her mother out for supper and paid for it. So Rose took me out to supper tonight. She was wanting sushi, but we found three sushi restaurants downtown - all were closed. So we had Vietnamese food. It was excellent.

Rose drove part way to Gravelbourg and partway back. She's getting more practice in, but really needs more before she goes for her license. It's spring so we cleaned out the van too. It really needed it.

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polarpegs said...

Hi May,

It has been a long time. I thought you had finished blogging altogether but i just happened to swing by your old blog tonight and realized you had started a new one.

I quickly perused through to cath myself up. Wow... Sounds like you have had an interesting year. How bizarre that you are down in SK now as well. Perhaps we will have to meet for coffee sometime if we are ever down Regina way. And if you ever feel like taking a break in PA be sure to look us up.

Take care for now