Monday, June 8, 2009

"It rained for 4 days and nights"

I realize the original kid's song is 40 days - but I can't claim that it's been raining for that long. It has definitely been raining though. I think it's all my Dad's fault, because they've started working on repairing the roof. They've removed all of the shingles, covered the roof with poly and have been working on putting up new rafters. The plan is to superinsulate the roof. Well, it's rained non-stop since Friday. Lots of rain. Lots and lots of rain.

The good news is... the poly doesn't leak. I've had my ceiling leak anytime it's rained all spring. Not this time. The bad news is.... that the poly was supposed to have been sealed to the evestrough at the front of the building and the worker assigned to do that task didn't do it. So, I have had a couple of drips on my windowsill but in the Williams' apartment next door, they've had quite a bit of water in. It's damaged everything they had sitting on or near the windowsill. The good news is... that they usually had their laptop sitting there, but they had it with them this weekend, so it wasn't harmed. The bad news is... that they had lots of books sitting there.

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