Saturday, September 12, 2009

Retreat and Advance

The Labour Day weekend, the church here had a retreat out at Clearview camp in Kenosee Park. The last time I was there, I was in Grade 4 (I think that's just about exactly 40 years ago). The camp has changed a little bit since then. There are flush toilets and showers, to start with.

The entire retreat was delightful. It was very good getting to know my church family so much better, and talking about things of importance. It was also very nice that nearly everyone came - we missed one elderly couple (both over 75 years old), one couple with small children, and a few (very few) students. It is so much easier to get to know people when you live with them for a short while and eat with them, etc.

One of the highlights for me was I picked 2 gallons of high bush cranberries that are now in my freezer. I need to do something with them. I know how to do low bush cranberries, but the high bush have a seed, so I think I'll have to do jelly or something messy with a jelly bag. I've never done that before, so it can wait in my freezer for awhile I think. When I figure out how to do it, I may post some pictures.

Then Tuesday morning the entire school went out to Dallas Valley for the annual school retreat. We returned later on Wednesday afternoon. Again, the weather was fantastic and the whole thing was excellent. The chokecherries were also abundant and ripe; but although I love chokecherry syrup, I didn't pick any - I know how messy and indelible the chokecherry juice is.

After parts of six days of retreats - I'm retreated out. I am at heart, an introvert, and sharing with people for so many days was great, but I'm glad to be back home by myself.

School has been going well. I'm enjoying the Grade 9 class. I need to get my syllabus completed this weekend, but aside from that I'm on top of the game.

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