Wednesday, September 30, 2009

And the good news is....

I went to physio this morning and he worked on my right arm. He told me the reason that my elbow was bothering me so much was that something wasn't in alignment. It was a bit like an eye exam - which is better, here... or here.... now; here... or here - until he found the right spot. He pushed really hard while I moved my hand and - things stopped hurting! It's amazing!

I've been hurting for so long, I've forgotten what it's like to be pain free, but I think I can manage this. Now I have to do regular exercises to keep it working and I'm to go back on Friday, because he says it will go out again if he doesn't work at it some more. On Friday he's to work on my left arm and wrists.

Then, hopefully I can restart piano lessons.

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Lynn said...

Great news!! :)