Sunday, October 4, 2009


I got to babysit de niece today - Abigail; Robert and Melissa's baby. They've been in Regina since Wednesday as Melissa was taking a course. However Robert and Josiah went back to Saskatoon because the radio station went down. Josiah got to go to Linea's birthday party that way - so it was a good thing. However, that meant that Melissa was looking for a babysitter for yesterday and today.

Yesterday she got her friend to babysit. This was a good thing because I was at a Bible Quiz tournament the entire day. However, today it was my privilege. It was a real privilege too. Abby is a very happy baby. She didn't really know me at all - she's seen me maybe a half a dozen times in her 8 months of life, but Melissa nursed her and sat her down and she was happy to be with me. She went to church with me, and I took her to Melissa at noon to be fed and she slept until mommy picked her up. So she got to socialize with the babies at church (we have lots there) and eat puffed wheat. (The other babies and toddlers really liked the puffed wheat too - we shared).

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