Sunday, October 25, 2009

Problems of an Introvert

I'll come out and admit it right off. I am introverted. I need to have time by myself to recharge my batteries. I love teaching and I work with around 120 really great people, but then I come home to my apartment by myself and I love it. I have to force myself to go out evenings. In fact, I carefully manage my time so that I don't have to do that too often. Weekends are really great because I have lots of time to myself, plus church where I interact with some of my favourite people.

Having said all that, this has been an atypical weekend. Friday night I went out to school for a bit because they needed some stuff that I could get for them. Saturday morning I spent the whole morning at school, helping sell bag lunches. (The Promise Keeper's Conference was at school Friday and Saturday and this is a big fundraiser for the students to prepare for Grad.) Saturday afternoon I babysat Gloria (who is a really sweet baby). Sunday morning was church. Sunday afternoon I went to Grandpa McMillan's funeral in Kennedy. It was wonderful. There were a few less than 500 people there I think. This evening there was small group (which I normally don't go to, but I caught a ride to the funeral with Ruth and Walter and they go, and it was on the way home.)

So... I'm mega peopled out by now. And tomorrow we start again with school! I guess I need to be thankful for the grace that God gives me so that I can interact with people in a positive way when I need to.

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