Saturday, December 4, 2010


I decided it would be nice to have granola in the house so I went by the bulk store (always an experience in temptation) and picked up ingredients. I can't just buy granola because all granola is made with oats, and I carry an epipen just in case I come in contact with oats.

In any case, I bought spelts flakes, kamut flakes, rye flakes - to replace the oatmeal. I also purchased thompson raisins (becuase I prefer them to sultanas and when I was at the grocery store last week they only had sultanas), craisins, dried blueberries and dried apples, for the dried fruit. I had to cut the apples into little chunks, so I didn't much of use that. Then I got pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds (both unsalted) and I already had sesame seeds at home, for the seeds. I also put in shaved hazelnuts.

All I had to do then was to decide on a recipe. I was going to look online, until I remembered that I had picked up a Harrowsmith cookbook at a garage sale - and I was sure it would have granola recipes in it. I was right, it had several, so I just picked through them to find something that looked appropriate. The only ingredients I didn't have or didn't substitute for that would have been nice to have was wheat germ and flax. However, Bram tends to be really sensitive to wheat germ, so maybe it's nice I didn't have it. The recipe I used is called "Al Taylor's Granola", which is kind of interesting. I'm waiting for it to cool now so I can see how it is.

I haven't caught a mouse for two days now - and haven't caught one for three of the last four days. Maybe this means I'm close to the end of them. I sure hope so.

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