Sunday, December 5, 2010

Well that was disappointing

Bram and I drove to Moose Jaw yesterday. Mom Thiessen has been discharged from the hospital to a nursing home there and we were going to visit. I had phoned the night before and visited with Darlene and found out which nursing home, which room, etc. So when we arrived at the nursing home, I was prepared. However, there was a big sign up in the lobby of the nursing home saying that due to an outbreak of enteritis, one entire wing of the nursing home was closed to visitors. Of course, it was the wing that Mom is on. So we weren't able to even see mom. We did leave a card for her, but it was a disappointment.

Instead we drove out to the farm and visited with Doug and Darlene a bit. Bram got to have a quick snowmobile ride while Darlene and I visited. Then we drove back to Regina.

We'll have to try again another time.

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