Monday, October 31, 2011

Back home

I can't over emphasize how good it feels to be home tonight. Normally I'd be out for The Party, but it was cancelled due to Hallowe'en. I was away all weekend up to Saskatoon. It was good to be there, but it's so nice to be back home again.

It was a little more eventful getting to Saskatoon than I had intended. We had planned to go by way of Moose Jaw and to visit with Mom Thiessen there. Part of the reason to travel was so that Rose could visit with family while she was here for Reading Week. Going by way of Moose Jaw isn't that much further out of the way. However this time it was. First of all, we had a flat tire about 3 km short of Moose Jaw, so I phoned and got a tow truck to come and put my spare on for me. By the time that was done, it was nearly 6 o'clock, so I dropped Rose, Bram and Leo off at the nursing home while I went to see about my tire.

However, it's impossible to get anything done at 6 pm on a Friday. I was concerned that my spare wouldn't be good enough to drive to S'toon on. We finally ended up driving to Eyebrow and Doug kindly looked at it and gave me a new spare. By the time all of that was done, it was pretty late and pretty dark. I didn't want to drive to S'toon through Elbow as the last time I'd gone that way the highway was pretty bad so I went on the grid at Tugaske and drove to Craik, rejoining highway 11. That is a trifle further, but the grid was excellent. It also meant that by the time we got to Warman, it was 11:30.

We spent much of Saturday looking for a Hallowe'en costume for Leo. We didn't find anything he'd like, but we did get him a winter coat for a very good price at Mark's Work Warehouse. Friday night we had supper at Dad and Mom's and were able to visit with David and Shirley as well, which was a bonus. Then we went over to Rob and Melissa's to get our first glimpse of the new nephew. He's very cute.

Sunday we went to worship (how I enjoyed the singing - the acoustics are wonderful!) then left immediately to drive back to Regina as Rose's plane left at 4:30. We arrived in Regina at 2:30 so had time to stop at the house before I took her to the airport. Sunday night Bram and I watched The King's Speech. I hadn't seen it before and really enjoyed it, even though it kept me up past my bedtime a bit.

We only had 6 kids come to the door for Hallowe'en tonight. Bram and Leo went out to the Hallowe'en party at school. Bram was the scariest - he dressed as a telemarketer. Leo finally ended up going as a vampire. We went after school today and picked him up what he needed. He was so excited about dressing up for Hallowe'en. He'd been talking about it for weeks!

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