Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I should be packing right now - I'm leaving tomorrow right after school with most of the rest of our staff to go to Calgary for teacher's convention. We'll be back, Lord willing, late Friday night. However, I need to do some deep breathing and unwinding after school before I can start another task.
I also need to remind Bram to pack, as he flies up to Yellowknife for the long weekend tomorrow. I've had a little bit of arranging to do, to ensure that he can make his flight, as he leaves after I do - but Ruth has said she'll take him to the airport.
We're leaving Leo home alone for a couple of days; but he's 18 and should be fine. I need to make sure that there's lots of choices in the fridge for him.
Rose is likely packing in the next couple of days too, as she has reading week next week and is flying here to see us. She should arrive Friday evening (likely before I get back from Calgary). This means that I also had to make arrangements for her to get picked up from the airport.
Bram arrives back from YK Sunday night, and then we're done travelling for a little bit. I want to drive everyone up to S'toon next weekend. There's a new baby up there that we haven't seen yet.
It's strange in a way; when I lived in the north, travelling "out" was such a big deal and only happened once or twice a year. However, now I'm living in Regina, where so many places are so much closer - I rarely go anywhere. I don't think I've been to Saskatoon since dad's birthday at the end of April. Aside from the cruise this summer, and going to Clearview Camp for a week, the only other place that I can remember travelling is to Gravelbourg - once in May and once in September. I guess I'm really a home body.

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