Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Answered Prayer

I have written previously about the challenges I faced daily, dropping Bram off to meet his car pool.  Every day was scary - not the actual waiting, but getting back to Regina; having to cross the divided highway with all of the early morning traffic in the dark to head back the other way.  It didn't help that I missed the meridian access twice in the dark and had to be towed out both times.

Here's where we used to go:

Well, I prayed about it.  And my prayers have been answered.  They are busy building the new overpass at Pinkie Road, just before the layby where I used to drop Bram off.  I'm assuming it's because of the work there, but they have barricaded off the layby - it is no longer accessible.  So, we can't use that as a meeting place for the car pool, and the one group that usually leaves a vehicle there until they come back from Moose Jaw, can't anymore.

So the car pool has found a new meeting place, by a "Welcome to Regina" sign.  It's less than half a kilometre closer to Regina - but that 4000 m or so makes a big difference because it's off the service road, on the south side of the highway.  This means that I can just take the Lewvan overpass directly to the service road, and then take the little side road to where the parking is by the sign.  I can also take the service road back to the Lewvan overpass.  No more crossing the TransCanada highway during rush hour in the dark.  It has made such a difference to my peace of mind.

Here's where we go now:

Thank you, Lord.

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