Saturday, February 23, 2013

Pleasant Dreams

I had such a nice dream this morning; I was lying in bed in the partially awake state and I had such a vivid dream.  I was at home (the home I grew up in, in Saskatoon) and I was packing my lunch to go to work at school.  Also there was my sister Ruth and Jean Borsheim and her son Mark.  I got my lunch together and explained what I had packed to Mark, had a short visit with him but I wanted to pack cookies in my lunch and we didn't have any.  So I thought that Grandma would have cookies next door, so I went next door to where my grandparents lived.  My grandfather walked down the short flight of steps at the back entry to let me in, and when I had come up to the kitchen, there was my grandmother, sitting around the table with my cousin Janelle and her boys.  Janelle was just pulling a baked ham (baked with pineapple) out of the oven and they were obviously getting ready to eat lunch.  I was thinking that Janelle was also going to be late for work - then I realized that Janelle didn't work at the school I worked at, then I realized that I didn't teach at the school I had attended when I was growing up, so I woke up.

However it was such a great dream.  I'm sure I haven't seen Jean Borsheim in over 20 years, although I'm her friend on facebook.  I know I haven't seen her son Mark in at least as long, if not longer.  We were friends when we were in university together but after we graduated we left for opposite ends of the continent and I know I haven't seen him since.  It was so nice to have a short visit with both of them, even if it was just in a dream.

Then, to get to see my grandparents again!  They've been dead for a long time; my grandmother for over 30 years now, my grandfather for over 20.  To see them, and to share a moment of time with them was wonderful!  It was also great to see that Janelle was visiting them, and that she got to introduce her boys to them, seeing as they were born after our grandparents had died.

Even if it was only a dream, it was a great way to start my day.

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