Monday, May 6, 2013

Sometimes it's just hard

Coming back from holidays has been difficult.  First of all, I had serious problems at my four-plex; they hadn't had hot water for over two weeks and were unhappy about it.  Got that fixed, however I've also discovered that my master keys have gone missing.  This means that I can't enter the four plex unless someone's home and I can't take the coins from the washer and dryer.  Finally, one of the tenants appears to have skipped out; leaving the apartment trashed and in arrears on the rent.  That's just the four-plex.

In addition, my boarder has also moved out. I had interviewed for a job right before I went on holidays to discover a form letter "thank you but we've hired someone else" when I got back home.  I have someone's (I don't know which relative's) car parked on my front lawn.

I think it must be time to count my blessings:

I have a home; I was able to get the hot water fixed right away; my son's got a good summer job; I've got my tax refund back.  It's sunny and warm outside - 22 outside right now!  (I could have come home to the blizzard they had last Tuesday.)  Although the cruise was amazing, and the food choices were also wonderful - it appears that I didn't gain any weight!  I'm in good health.  It doesn't look like there's too much physical damage at the suite (a door off the hinges, a window broken); it's mostly abandoned possessions and garbage to clean up.  I've got my dishes done, my laundry done - and put away, and meals planned and groceries purchased for the week.  I discovered it was our week to bring the snack for The Party before I got there tonight, so was able to prepare for it.

OK, that's at least 10 blessings.  I'm feeling better.

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