Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday Picnic

For the second time this month we had a picnic after service.  We went to the Rick Hansen playground at AE Wilson Park.  We invited a number of people to come and join us; but only ended up having Walt and Ruth, Bram and I, Rachel and kids, Kevin V and his extras (2 of his kids and 4 extras) and Jeff S.  Ruth and I had been busy this morning getting things ready.

We made ribbon sandwiches.  One set had layers of salmon, egg and ham, while the other set had layers of turkey, egg and ham.  They were layered strips of brown and white bread separating the various types of fillings.  In addition, we made pinwheel peanut butter and honey and peanut butter and jam sandwiches.  That was the sandwiches; but we also had three different types of salads (Greek, Waldorf, and bean), pickles, veggies and dip, and orange jello with cream cheese and mandarin oranges for dessert.  It was all excellent.

Unfortunately, the wind was strong enough that we had to hold our plates or put weights on them so they wouldn't blow away.  However after eating, everyone had fun playing on the playground equipment.  They played grounders.  (I played with Jane instead.)

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