Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cooking - long distance

So, I didn't end up as cook today.  However, the cook didn't show either.  As Rose has been hired as kitchen help - this meant that Rose was the dishwasher, sous chef, cook, waitress, and any other job that needed to be done in the kitchen.

I had done up the menu for today and tomorrow for her; and ensured that it was (what I thought was) really easy for her.  We had chili as one of the options yesterday so today was a choice of hot dogs or chili dogs; served with either french fries or a green salad.

Apparently what I thought would be really easy, wasn't quite as easy for Rose.  She did very well, but she texted me every step of the way.  Here's a sample of the texts I got throughout the morning:

  • When should I start the hotdogs?
  • And reheat the chili?
  • What else is on the menu?
  • I need to know what prices to charge
  • What do I do to the buns?
  • For the cheese dogs, do you put it on the bun or on the chili?
  • I found the cheddar but a lot of it is dried out
  • A lady ordered just french fries.  What should I charge?
  • Chili dog is bun hotdog chili and cheese, right?
  • Any prep work I need to do for supper?
However, despite her many questions, and how she was feeling totally inadequate, I think she did just fine.  She's gone above and beyond what she was hired to do, and has done a good job of it.  Here's a picture of her first chili dog that she prepared (before she added the fries).

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