Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

We had a good day today. I had got two presents for Lloyd. One was a new car key. (Not a new car - just the key). We had lost one over the winter somehow, so we were down to just one car key. However the key won't work unless it's been programmed at the dealership, so it's not just a matter of getting a new key cut. So we have his and hers keys again.

The second present we got him was a tiny picture frame key chain. It stores 69 photos and cycles through them. They're only about 1.5" square, but you can show off a photo album and carry it anywhere. Lloyd likes it.

We went to the community barbeque for lunch - had hamburgers and whitefish. Then in the late afternoon we went to Long Lake for kayaking, paddle boating, and just visiting with friends. We had met our friends (one of my former students and her family) at the community bbq and planned to meet at the lake later. They had met us there yesterday and we had had a good time together. Unfortunately this time, Jun Ha rolled the kayak and lost his glasses somewhere on the lake bottom. It wasn't very deep there, maybe 3 feet; but you couldn't see the bottom, so he and Lloyd were feeling around with their feet for a long time, trying to find his glasses. Finally they gave up (they were starting to feel cold) and came in. I suggested I could drive back to town and get a couple of rakes. So I did, picked up KFC on the way back to the lake and was back in 40 minutes. So we ate supper and they decided to go back out and try one last time. By this time, everyone was pretty tired, so they went out in the paddle boat and started raking again. In less than 5 minutes, Lloyd had found the missing glasses. And great was the rejoicing thereof. It didn't take long to pack up and cart the two kayaks and paddle boat back to the van, tie everything on and drive home. One of the things I love about YK is that we're only 10 minutes from a lake. We're 5 minutes walking distance from another lake.

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