Sunday, June 8, 2008

Words and Music

I woke up this morning with Thomas Ken's words going through my mind - not the Doxology, but his "All praise to Thee, my God this night" - the Tallis Canon is the music. Now, that may be a bit inappropriate to wake up with that, as it's obviously an evensong, but it is a beautiful hymn nontheless. And it's wonderful to wake up with praise to God on my lips. So then I segued through "Be Still, my Soul" - with Finlandia as the tune. I started in the late 1600's and jumped 200 years to the late 1800's with those two hymns. When I got to church, I was informed that we were going to sing some "golden oldies" - songs from the 1980's. No, I was singing the true golden oldies before I even got to church. It's all a matter of perspective.

Scott started a new sermon series this Sunday - "Don't forget the lyrics" - on how the music in worship isn't worship. We can worship God through music, but worship is far more than just music and we shouldn't limit ourselves to that tiny portion of our lives. It's interesting because I was listening to some sermons by Patrick Mead on instrumental music and the church (here's the link if you're interested:; which was also very a propos.

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