Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The End is Nigh!

My students wrote their final exam on Friday. I don't have it marked yet, because I was on course all day yesterday and today. However, I will have it marked tomorrow and have their final marks calculated before Friday, when we have our end of year celebration at school. Then I just have my final reports to write. I'm nearly finished!

Bram is on his last unit in English. He's nearly completed his Social Studies and Math as well. He will have his grading in Karate next Thursday. Yes! We can say he's nearly done.

Rose will be finished school June 27 - we're planning on driving down to pick her up. I'm supposed to take my piano exam in Regina while I'm down there. We're all so looking forward to being finished and having a bit of a break.

Bram went camping the weekend before last with a group of teens from church. Unfortunately, he rolled his kayak when shooting rapids and lost his glasses at the bottom of the Cameron River. However, the eye clinic here was very good to him and squeezed him in Monday and he picked up his new glasses today. For the past ten days he's been wearing a pair that was two years old, and much too small for his face as well as being not a strong enough prescription. He had fun camping though.

Lloyd is out tonight planning a Search and Rescue training exercise to take place on Saturday. It's a beautiful cloudless evening to be out on the Ingraham Trail. The sun isn't due to set until 11:30 pm, and right now at 9:30, it's still really high in the sky. However, even though it's still broad daylight, it is time to send kids to bed; they have to do school work in the morning.

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