Sunday, July 13, 2008

Back Home

Bram and I arrived back home in Yellowknife just before 5 pm Saturday afternoon. It felt really good to be home. Rose has been back for just over a week now, and she had planned a get together last night with her friends. I was totally wasted and went and slept for a bit while she and her friend Katie finished getting things ready. Then I was awake and visited a bit with her friends, before I realized that I might be too much of the mother and disappeared to my bedroom.

According to our odometer, we have travelled over 8,000 km in the past three weeks. I drove a little over half of that I think. That's a lot of travelling. I still feel the hum through my bones, but after a good night's sleep am feeling much better. I'll do a bit about my trip and post some photos a little later.

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