Saturday, August 23, 2008

Continuing to Settle In

I have my living room and kitchen completely set up (but am still waiting to have the carpets cleaned in the living room before I move my cedar chest in there). I have my clothes put away in the bedroom but am still sleeping on an air mattress until I can get someone to help me pull the mattress and box spring out of the storage room and up to my bedroom. The spare room (looks like it will truly be a spare room as both my kids will be staying in YK) still needs to have some furniture moved out from the previous tenant before I can set it up. I have my computer set up but haven't worked out the mysteries of connecting it to the internet yet.

I have to give credit where credit is due. First of all, my sister Ruth was a tremendous help taking me around so I could buy used furniture and helping me to unpack. Secondly, the surprise shower given by my family and friends here to help me get set up with the things I need was such an unexpected blessing that I'm still teary-eyed whenever I think about it. Thank you so much. Finally, the continued prayers that are offered on my behalf are, I'm sure, the only thing that's kept me going and sane through this difficult time. Thanks to all of you.

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