Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Where am I now?

God continues to bless me through these hard times. I have a permanent position teaching at Western Christian High School in Regina and I have moved down to Regina. I have an apartment that I will begin to rent starting Friday, August 15 across the street from the school.

I know that the move to Regina is an answer to prayer. I could not continue to live in Yellowknife, a community of only 20,000, where "the other woman" lives and works in the same building as Lloyd, where one of her children is in the same class as one of mine and where I had no work. It would be impossible for our marriage to survive in such a climate. Lloyd and I are currently separated but I continue to pray that he will see that a move was essential for me, that I wasn't running away from our marriage, and that it would be possible for him to move also.

I am also praying that my children (who are still with their dad in Yellowknife) will decide to come to Regina for school this fall. When our marriage is going through such turmoil, I know that the extra strength and support that they would get through attending a Christian school would be a blessing to them. (And it doesn't hurt that because I'm a staff member their tuition would be half price!)

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