Thursday, February 26, 2009


It's -31 this morning; -42 with the wind chill. That's genuine "count your blessings" weather. I'm thankful that
  • I have a warm apartment with no drafts.
  • I can walk to work and don't have to start the car (especially seeing that it's not plugged in.)
  • I picked up groceries yesterday when it was a little bit warmer (-22)
  • high school teachers don't have to do "supervision"
  • my bed has flannelette sheets, so snugly!
  • I've made my lunch, so I don't have to walk home at noon
  • in Saskatchewan (unlike the NWT), while it may be -31 this morning, the weather will moderate up to near freezing by Sunday. (However, I would point out that it's only -25 in Yellowknife this morning.)

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