Monday, February 16, 2009


Teacher's Convention was in Calgary Thursday and Friday. This was the ACSI Teacher's Convention (Association of Christian Schools International) for Alberta and Saskatchewan schools. I have to say that it was the best teacher's convention I've ever attended, and in 20 years of teaching, I've been to many, many of them. What made the difference?

First of all, it was a meeting of like-minded Christian teachers - so they had scheduled in worship times every day. That made a huge difference. Then, the different workshops and general sessions were excellent. Usually, I figure that if half of the convention had stuff that was worthwhile, then it's been good. This time, every session but one that I attended was great - and the other one was ok, just not great. Finally, I got to travel about 9 hours (twice) with my co-workers, and share and eat with them. That really builds community.

Western received an award at the conference for the REACH program, which was also cool.

Today was a holiday, so Rose and I went to Moose Jaw. We had lunch with Doug, Dar, Ben, Jean and little ones. Got to see Ben and Jean's new baby. Then we did one of the Tunnel tours (the Al Capone one) and then went to the Spa, which was crowded. We had a good time together.

This evening I was supposed to have Bible Quiz practice. Rose and I got home about 6:35- quiz practice was supposed to be at 7 - and I always bring home baking. So I made boiled chocolate cookies (with rye flakes instead of oatmeal). However, no one was there for quiz practice, so I shared the cookies with the students working in the library on homework and went home and practiced piano. This was also a good thing, as I've got piano practice tomorrow morning.

All in all, it's been a very good week.

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