Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow Day

It's taken a week, but I finally have my van shovelled out and drivable. The first step was to get it shovelled out. There was so much snow, and it had hardened to concrete so that I couldn't shovel it out. It would have taken too much out of my arm, and I have had enough trouble with my elbow going out of joint that I wasn't going to risk it.

Then, once my van was shovelled out - I had a flat. I finally got it pumped up enough that Saturday morning I was able to go and get it fixed. I had a nail in it.

That meant that I was finally able to get my banking done. Some of the banking I've needed to do for over two weeks, but I had to get to the bank while it was open to deal with a real live teller and I was away last weekend. It feels good to get some of the "must do's" done.

I had a piano recital Friday. I did ok, I think. This past week at school has been exam week. I got the exam made up for my class and marked. I still don't have final marks calculated for that class, but I'm confident I'll get it done. I don't have much more to go on that. I also got the second semester planned out (roughly). I'm teaching Grade 9 English (still) as well as Christian Ethics 9 (for the first time). Tomorrow's the first day of classes for the second semester.

Bram turns 16 on Tuesday. He and Rose and Lloyd are in Florida for 10 days. (Must be nice, eh?) What a rough way to celebrate your birthday.

It has also warmed up a bit. I just don't function as well at -25 or colder as I do at slightly warmer temperatures. I makes me wonder how I managed in Yellowknife as long as I did. I guess you do what you have to. However I find it really hard to do much more than go to work and come home when the weather's colder. I'm very thankful for the warmth - it's a balmy -15 this evening.

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