Sunday, January 3, 2010

In the Lord's care

I put Bram on the plane this morning for Yellowknife. I always find it so difficult - a bit like taking off a bandaid. Just do it quickly and get it over with. I continue to trust in the Lord that he will look after my kids and keep them in his care.

We (Bram and I) went to Eyebrow Friday, returning home Saturday. It was good to see Lloyd's parents and his brother and wife there. Lloyd's parents are getting older and frailer. Maybe too frail to be living alone. However, just like my children, I have to trust them to be in God's hands and in his care.

I took all the decorations off the tree. It's ready to take down now. My living room and kitchen are much messier than I like them to be. I need to tidy up and put things away. Then I need to clean up the spare room where Bram was staying. Wash the sheets and have them ready for company again. I'm very fortunate that I have a spare room. (To be honest, my room could also use some tidying). That would be the whole apartment then that needs to be tidied up. Better get to it instead of just talking about it.

My brother Walter's mother-in-law died this past week. Her funeral will be on Monday in Saskatoon. I would like to be there for the funeral. She was a really sweet lady and I was privileged to get to know her as she generally came out to our family gatherings over past Christmases. However, it's really hard to get time off as a teacher. Subs are very hard to find. So I'll just keep Walter, Faye and her family in my prayers instead.

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