Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Tricks

It's wonderful to be able to learn new things. This week has had several of those wonderful experiences.
  1. Bram has always hated wearing socks. They irritate his feet. Although he has to wear them to school and in boots and shoes, etc., I continually find them in little wadded up balls all over. This irritates his mother. However, I gave him a couple pairs of new socks for Christmas (stocking stuffers) and they just happened to be 100% polyester socks instead of 100% cotton socks. And... they don't irritate his feet! He doesn't feel forced to take them off! In fact, his feet were a little infected near the big toe - a little red and slightly swollen. After several days of wearing 100% polyester socks, the infection is gone! We're going out today to purchase him a bunch more 100% polyester socks.
  2. I've been diligently doing my exercises for my arm. When I do them regularly and consistently, my elbow doesn't go out of place as quickly. Bram was watching me do my exercises and commented that if I was really wanting to strengthen that muscle, he would teach me a karate exercise that would help. It's a mid-level punch. And... it really does help. Not only that, but I don't have to cart around a weight to be able to do it. And... when I make the fist correctly, it also helps. Go figure.
  3. I was e-mailed the latest info to post for The Party. However it was in table format. And I don't remember the HTML for doing tables. I tried to get my nephews to put it up for me, but they got about half-way through and decided that it was no longer interesting. I did remember that Word has an option when you open a new document to open either a new document or a new blog posting. So I tried it as a new blog posting. It uploaded it for me to The Party, and there you have it - in table format, without any difficulty whatsoever.
  4. I've been working on learning a new piano piece. I've been finding it difficult. I finally stopped - worked hands separately while counting aloud, paying attention to fingering. (I can hear my teacher's voice in my head). It went much better.

It's so nice to learn new things - especially when the learning thereof isn't painful.

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