Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wearing a Halo

I swept and washed my kitchen floor this morning. Then I vacuumed the living room after work! You may not be able to see the halo, but it's firmly in place. (My mom would be so proud of me, I know). I've started to set up my Christmas tree but don't have the decorations on it yet.

I was also totally caught up on my marking at school, but since then I've had students hand in a bunch of stuff, so I've got lots to go again.

The piano tuner was over this afternoon. He spent two hours on my piano. Got my damper pedal so that it's much better now. It was very stiff before. It's a brand new piano, but he replaced the spring - thinks that perhaps they installed the wrong spring in the factory, because this one fits exactly (and matches the other springs for the other pedals). Now that it's tuned, the whole sound is much brighter. I think I may have to have him back though - there's an unpleasant buzz on three or four keys (and they're all in the octave just above middle C - I use that octave a lot!).

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